2018 Bookmaking Winners

City Winners

I Love to Read! by Raymond Chen (Grade 3), P.S. 164, Caesar Rodney, Brooklyn; Teachers: David Chimoskey, Jayne Swan; Principal: Erica Steinberg

Under the Sea, by Anthony Hilaire (Grade 6) and Angelo Ottaviano (Grade 7), P.S. 77, Brooklyn; Teachers: Amie Robinson, Lauren Dolcemascolo, Kim Velez; Principal: Ebony Russell

Bulby’s Light, by Isabella Graziolo (Grade 11), Fiorello H. LaGuardia H.S., Manhattan; Teacher: Yeon Ji Park; Principal: Dr. Lisa Mars

The Witch’s Cat, by Sarah Chen (Grade 12), Stuyvesant H.S., Manhattan; Teacher: Leslie Bernstein; Principal: Eric Contreras

Borough Winners

Grades 3-5

Dinosaurs…Like Outer Space! by Robert Lin and Erick Zheng (Grade 3), P.S. 22, Thomas Jefferson School, Queens; Teacher: Vivian Choi; Principal: Jennifer Meyer

Flowers, by Allison Cruz (Grade 4), P.S. 213, The New Lots School, Brooklyn;
Teachers: Dacia Howard, Lillian Gehr; Principal: Stanley Moise

The Story of Truth, by Mya Ortíz (Grade 5), P.S. 63, The Old South School, Queens; Teacher: Maria Panotopoulou; Librarian: Kathleen Cavanagh Fleischmann; Principal Diane Marino

Ten Life Tips For Kids, by Valencia Li and Charlotte Yih (Grade 5), P.S. 174, William Sidney Mount, Queens; Teachers: Marilyn Friedman, Maria Russell; Principal: Karin Kelly

Who “Nose?” by Jaylen Butler (Grade 3), P723x@189x, Bronx; Teachers: Roberta Klapper, Wilfa Winslow; Principal: Shante Chunn

Grades 6-8

Benny and the Missing Gooble-Gabble-Gull, by Maggie Stacey (Grade 6), M.S. 39, New Explorations into Science, Technology and Math, Manhattan; Teacher: Elizabeth Zacharia; Principal: Mark Berkowitz

Horseback Riding in Colorado, by Lauren Valladares (Grade 6), I.S. 201, The Dyker Heights School, Brooklyn; Teacher: Dorothy Serposs; Principal: Robert Ciulla

Ming The Clam, by MingXi Chau (Grade 8), I.S. 98, Bay Academy, Brooklyn; Teacher: Mandi Bracho; Librarian: Marietta Falconieri; Principal: Maria Timo

Parrots, Hamsters, and Carrots, by Emanuel Bullock (Grade 8), M.S. 51, William Alexander, Brooklyn; Teacher: Shelly Cunningham; Principal: Lenore Berner

Wonderous Seed, by Jazzell Hanson (Grade 6), P.S./M.S.124, Osmond A Church, Queens, Teacher: Alexis O’Connor; Principal: Maritza Williams Jones

Grades 9-12

I Want To Be A Boy, by Samantha Haase and Rachel Ilardi (Grade 12), M.S./H.S. 141, Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy, Bronx; Librarian: Julia Loving; Principal: Lori O’Mara

Sheep Visit the City, by Anthony Rychalski (Grade 12), P.S. 77, Brooklyn; Teachers: Amie Robinson, Sarah McDowell; Principal: Ebony Russell

The Story of Life and Death, by Erica Perez (Grade 12), Millennium Art Academy, Bronx; Teacher: Laura Blau; Principal: Herman Guy

Tiger’s Difference, by Jacob Ocasio (Grade 12), Newtown H.S., Queens; Teacher: Pati Kerry; Principal: John Ficalora

When The Leaves Turned Their Colors, written by Athena Puliafito and illustrated by Victor Shemper (Grade 9), Townsend Harris H.S., Queens; Teacher: Jessica Stillman; Librarian: Arlene Laverde, Principal: Brian Condon

Honorable Mentions

Andy the Rock, by Jacob Magahis (Grade 5), P.S. 29, The Bardwell School, Staten Island; Teacher: Jennifer Rosa, Nina Hansen; Principal: Linda Manfredi

The Impossible Voyage/El Viaje Imposible, by Lola Moreno (Grade 4), P.S. 133, William A. Butler, Brooklyn; Teachers: Gloria Villanueva, Dalila Rabsatt; Principal: Heather Foster-Mann

The Magical Power of Art, by Sander Goldshteyn (Grade 5), P.S. 195, The Manhattan Beach School, Brooklyn; Teacher: Cara Bianchi; Principal: Bernadette Toomey

No Paint, by Alexander Mendez (Grade 3), P.S. 264, Bay Ridge Elementary School For the Arts, Brooklyn; Teacher: Kristen Meehan; Principal: Patrice Edison

A Summer at Moonlight & Hope Bakery, by Aimal Khan (Grade 5), P.S. 70, Lieutenant Joseph Petrosino, Queens; Teachers: Carmela Mroz, Mary Karalekas, Giannoula Michaelopoulos; Principal: Donna Geller

Team Work, by Nadiia Savchenko and Maria Kolyagina (Grade 4), P.S. 200, The Benson School, Brooklyn; Teachers: Caroline Heffron, Zachary Lombardi, Irina Agafonova; Principal: Javier Muniz

Bad Breath Benny, by Tasnuva Hasan (Grade 7), I.S. 61, Leonardo Da Vinci School, Queens: Teacher: Susan Kern Carpente; Principal: Joseph Lisa

Culture Shock, by Chrystel Bredeson (Grade 8), I.S. 7, Elias Bernstein, Staten Island; Teacher: Mary Beth Quick; Principal: Nora De Rosa

Our Community, by Juliana Whitenack (Grade 7), J.H.S. 194, William H. Carr, Queens; Teacher: Adam Mastrosimone; Principal: Jennifer Miller

The Dreamer, by Stella Vayner (Grade 8), I.S. 239, Mark Twain School for the Gifted & Talented, Brooklyn; Teacher: Michele Wallach; Principal: Karen Ditolla

Patience! by Sophia Migias (Grade 8), I.S. 141, The Steinway School, Queens; Teacher: Victoria Maccarone; Principal: Miranda Pavlou

Exploring Outer Space, by Ngina Valdez (Grade 10), City College Academy of the Arts, Manhattan; Teacher: Gloria Adams; Principal: Burnedette Drysdale