2016 Book Award Ceremony right

2016 Winners’
Acceptance Speeches

2016-Book-Award-Tate-ceremonyNew Writer
Don Tate

“When I was here to accept an award for my first book, a tornado warning went off, the room emptied, and everyone went out and stood in the stairwell. Last year a fire alarm went off….Today, I’m crossing my fingers that no alarm will go off to steal my moment.”
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2016-Book-Award-Wahl-ceremonyNew Illustrator
Phoebe Wahl

“It doesn’t seem like very long ago… that I was a wild haired chubby kid with muddy bare feet complaining to my parents that I wanted to leave school, because there just wasn’t enough time to draw….Like Ramona Quimby before me, I was a kindergarten dropout.”
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