2013 EJK Book Award RtCol

2013 Winners’ Acceptance Speeches

2013_BAwinner_folgianoNew Writer
Julie Fogliano

“I was the kid who sat under a tree and waited for a gnome to run by….I was the kid who collected bright orange newts by the bucketful in hopes that a few of them would fall in love. And this is the kind of thing I had to offer.”
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2013_BAwinnerYunNew Illustrator
Hyewon Yum

“Since I was a little kid, I’d thought that people who make books, stories and pictures were some other kind of people, who make magic happen, like elves in the in the North Pole.”
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KTEzra Jack Keats Lecturer K.T. Horning
Children’s literature scholar K.T. Horning gave a fascinating talk on early Caldecott winners and multiculturalism.