2011Book Award Ceremony Hightlights

Ceremony Highlights

Lisa Von Drasek

Award Committee member Lisa Von Drasek introduced Laurel Croza (excerpt):

“When the Keats committee discusses the nominated books, we are not only looking to honor an outstanding new writer but we are considering what we understand to be Keatsian ideals. Is the story developmentally appropriate? Do the words give paint the pictures as well as the art? Are we catching a glimpse of universal childhood themes?…What do we want from a great children’s book? We want emotional truth. Laurel Croza, thank you for giving that to us in I Know Here.”

Nina Crews

Award Committee member Nina Crews introduced Tao Nyeu (excerpt):

“Tao Nyeu uses silkscreen prints to create her illustrations and demonstrates an excellent command of her media…. Her flowers, fields, and trees are rendered in a decorative fashion, with patterns and textures that could be suitable for textiles and are reminiscent of folk art. Her characters are drawn economically with slightly calligraphic lines and minimal features. Well-placed, small details add humor and enrich the story. The art refers back to an earlier era in children’s books, before four-color printing was standard, but still feels very much ‘of the moment.’ ”