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ba-goggles-600Fun Fact Goggles! introduces Archie, Peter’s best friend who takes center stage in Hi, Cat! and Pet Show! Ezra once said that of all his characters, Archie was his favorite. Quiet but ingenious, Archie was based on Ezra’s best friend, Martin Pope. A Word About the Art Peter is growing up, and Ezra is showing us his widening world. Peter and Archie survey the landscape of tenements, vacant lots and graffiti from their hideout—composed of a hole in the ground, an industrial pipe and detritus. Ezra uses a little collage, but mostly paints in a graphic, expressive style with a broad but subtle color palette. In the muted, closed-in atmosphere, the bullies are shown as mainly elongated figures in shades of brown, while the brightest spots are the boys’ shirts and yellow goggles. It’s clear that the children feel at home in this blighted neighborhood, but their spirit and sense of adventure are anything but drab.

Stop Bullying!

Stop-Bullying_OptimizedOctober is National Bullying Prevention Month, and schools around the country are helping kids confront the issue and find solutions. Here are some sites with great ideas: Kids Against Bullying (National Bullying Prevention Center) Stop Bullying (U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services) Cyberbullying Resource Center Peace Helpers Become Classroom Problem Solvers (video from P.S. 24 in Brooklyn) The Bully Project (activities based on the film Bully)

Dogs + Goggles = Doggles!

Make Your Own Adventure

Goggles Are Cool!

In early airplanes and open-air automobiles, goggles protected the eyes from dust, wind and sun glare.
Racing enthusiasts, 1915
Amelia Earhart, pioneer aviator, 1930s
Tuskegee Airmen, U.S. fighter pilots, 1940s
Goggles became essential gear for feats associated with speed.

Steve McQueen, 1960s movie star and motorcycle racer

Lindsey Vonn, World Cup ski racer
Olympic champion Michael Phelps
Yet goggles are also an international symbol of safety, required in factories, labs and danger zones.
Goggles for safety signage...
For surgery…
And for industry