Ezra’s Books

Pssst! Doggie-

Franklin Watts (out of print), 1973

In this almost wordless book, a cat asks a dog to dance. Suddenly we are carried away on a flight of imagination, from country to country and from era to era, by the humorous antics of the unusual pair on the dance floor.

Take a Closer Look

Just begging to be rediscovered, Pssst! Doggie- is pure pleasure—a visual fantasy of high-spirited, almost-human dogs and cats. It begins with a cat asking a shaggy dog, “Wanna dance?” Turn the page, and they’re doing a jig dressed as old-fashioned sailors…doing a tribal dance with African masks…dancing like Fred Astaire…and so on. Each page turn reveals a different tableau, until suddenly the plotless book comes to an end, like a dream.

Fun Fact:

Giving pets human qualities in Pssst, Doggie- was not a stretch for Ezra. His dog, Jack, “wrote” letters to his niece, Bonnie, and his cat, Samantha, was his steadfast studio “assistant.”

Characters in the Book