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Peter’s Chair

Harper & Row (now Viking), 1967

Peter has a new baby sister. First his father paints Peter’s old cradle pink, then his crib. Then his parents want to paint Peter’s chair! “Let’s run away, Willie,” he says to his dog. And they do. This is a gentle and reassuring story about sibling rivalry.

Take a Closer Look

Peter's-Chair-Essay-pixPeter has a problem: a new baby sister. Because of her, he’s not allowed to make noise in the house, and his baby furniture has been repainted pink. He decides to grab his little blue chair and run away with his dog, Willie. Once he discovers that he’s too big for the chair, he starts to think it’s all right to give it up. At lunchtime, Peter’s mother sees his sneakers under the curtains, but he isn’t hiding there—it’s a trick! In the end, Peter meets his parents on his terms, not as the baby of the family but as a boy who can make his own decisions, and outwit his mother, too. Now he’s ready to help his father paint the chair that used to be his.

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