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Maggie and the Pirate

Four Winds Press, 1979

One day Maggie’s pet cricket is stolen, cage and all! The only clue is a note: THE PIRATE WAS HERE. So Maggie and her friends set out to find the pirate’s hideout, and make a surprising discovery—and a new friend. Keats’s brilliant use of color and gesture creates a landscape where anything can happen and feelings run deep.

Take a Closer Look

MP_essay2In Maggie and the Pirate, Keats is at the height of his artistry. The story is action-packed, yet also moving and beautifully rendered. Maggie, a little girl in a remote rural community,  has her pet cricket stolen by a strange boy, and she and her friends track him down. She overcomes her fear and confronts the boy, and in their tussle, the cricket drowns. What happens next shows us, with the directness of a child’s gaze, how our humanity connects us to one another and the world.

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