For the Love of Crickets

Going Chirping Curious About Crickets? Cool cricket facts Cricket Cultures Crickets in China …and Native American lore Autobiography of a Cricket Cricket Crafts Make a home for a pet cricket Coloring crickets (fun for pre-readers)

Rhythm & Recyclables

Inside the Music Box Jammin’ with Junk Trash-made Treasures 10 Amazing Art Installations 66 Repurposed Masterpieces Small Craft Advisory Kids, cartons, cans and more Homemade musical instruments Crafty makeovers

Clementina’s Cactus

Desert Bloom National Geographic Oh my, cacti! Rainbows & … Just Deserts Stormy Weather 1-2-3 Cactus Cookies Turn your favorite cookie dough into edible cacti! Young children will need an adult to help add the food coloring and cut around the pattern. Add a few drops of green food coloring (as directed on the package […]

Sounds Like Fun!

City Rhapsody Do It Yourself! Make a Harmonica R Is for Rain Rain Painting Sense-ational! Video-Crafts Creative Play Halloween Slime, 5 Ways

Diorama Dreaming

Make a Scene Make a Shoebox Diorama A trove of dioramas Air Power Air force academy Paper Airplane Designs The Art of Scary A homemade Halloween Halloween from A to Z Pumpkin carving 101  

Just Whistle!

Listening to Whistling Hot Dog! All about weiner dogs (dachshunds) Dogs’ senses Make a twisty dog balloon Go for a Spin! Why does spinning make you dizzy? Whet Your Whistle Make a whistle out of almost anything Take a straw, make a whistle