Snowy Day Celebrations

There are so many reasons for celebrating The Snowy Day! We won’t list them here. Instead, we are showing some of the ways Ezra’s 20th-century classic is being celebrated in the 21st century—in schools, parks, museums, and around the world. Snowy Day Season, 2019 We love receiving #TheSnowyDay stories from around the world! Thanks to […]

Simms Taback

I had just started illustrating my first children’s book, and Ezra was working on his artwork for The Snowy Day. When I visited Ezra in his studio one day, there were sheets of paper on which he had applied and freely splattered paint, tacked up on all his walls, waiting to dry. Was Ezra, the […]

Floyd Cooper

What motivates a man: To buck the winds of the status quo? To give voice to the voiceless? To right a wrong? I don’t know, but Ezra Jack Keats did! What inspires a man: To grab some ears! To break some china! To turn the world on its head! I don’t know, but Ezra Jack […]

Al Roker

I remember reading The Snowy Day to my baby sister thinking, ‘Here’s a kid who looks like me.’ On so many levels, this is such a groundbreaking piece of literature and artwork.”

John Hodgman

Keats is astonishing for several reasons. One, he was not a television personality (remember when you didn’t have to be one to write a children’s book?). Two, because it never occurred to him to teach a contrived lesson, and certainly not to sell a product or tie-in to a movie. Rather, he did what very […]

Roscoe Orman

Through the eyes of Peter, grateful for a wintry day’s vacation from school, we can all see and relive some of our own childhood experiences with nature and the unencumbered imagination of innocence. My own memories of growing up in Bronx neighborhoods of the 1940s and ’50s allows me to easily relate to Peter’s exuberance […]

Dana Tyler

Every time I read The Snowy Day to young relatives or to a class of children sitting cross-legged in front of me, Mr. Keats has my attention, too, from the very first page. Because that’s me: an African-American child whose bed was right next to the window. I would stare outside at the snow planning […]

Whoopi Goldberg

When my daughter was little and we went looking for a book in the library, The Snowy Day was the first book the librarian suggested. It became one of her favorites, and subsequently, with her own children, it became their favorite too. It wasn’t until years later that I figured out why: The great thing […]

Let It Snow

The Snowy Day, in Real Life For his audition to study at Denver School of the Arts, aspiring filmmaker Caelen Barr, then 11 years old, made a two-minute film of The Snowy Day. The book had a special meaning to him and his family. Read more Do You Know Snow? Crystal clear Winter wisdom Fake […]