Dr. Martin Pope

The relationship Louie has to the puppet Gussie, in the book Louie, mirrors Ezra’s relationship with art and color. It was through his art that Ezra found his voice—just as Louie found his through seeing Gussie the puppet. It was through drawing and painting that Ezra was able to break through his shyness and connect […]

Puppet Magic

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Peter’s younger sister appears first as a newborn whom Peter reluctantly accepts. As a young girl, she’s capable, enthusiastic and caring. A great friend to shy Louie, she brings him out of his shell and joins him for adventures.

Barney & Peg

When Louie’s story begins, he lives with his single mother, Peg. He is deeply introverted, but Peg believes in him and backs him up through his emotional turmoil. Barney is a “junk man,” a scary character with a quick temper who turns out to be a generous soul. Barney and Peg get married, and Barney […]


Louie is Ezra’s most deeply felt character, a solitary boy with the soul of an artist. He appears in four books that follow his emotional arc from a lonely child who doesn’t speak until he opens his heart to a puppet to a boy who has friends, stands up for himself and trusts his imagination.