Make-believe & Mischief

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Willie is a dachshund with a mind of his own. He is Peter’s loyal and protective friend, yet he’s frisky enough to chase other kid’s pets, even when it means ruining the plans of his beloved Peter.


Archie is Peter’s best friend and Ezra’s favorite character. He’s a resourceful problem solver with a cool head and a quick wit. He’s funny and unpredictable, yet absolutely dependable in a crisis. With Archie, you can look at the clever boy and see the good man he will become.

Archie’s Cat

This tuxedo cat is a stray that adopts Archie by following him around and getting in the way. It upends Archie and Peter’s attempts to put on a show, but Archie figures out that its motive was affection, not malice. But a cat lives on its own terms, and this one goes to the pet […]


The central figure in Ezra’s “neighborhood books,” Peter is unforgettable as a sweet little boy in a red snowsuit playing in the snow. He grows up to be a regular kid, coming to terms with a new baby sister and hanging out with his dog and his friends. While Peter is bright, imaginative and fun-loving, […]