Lee Bennett Hopkins

Relooking at Dreams, one can see images captured by Ezra of sights, feelings and moods of a scorching-hot city night. People are seen from their windows—a mother kissing her baby, someone watering a lonely potted plant, a child petting a dog—all depicted in incredible collage and acrylic paintings. Those, only a master of the art […]

Sweet Dreams

How Marble-ous! Ezra’s swirly effects were made with oil paint and turpentine, this method creates cool patterns with more kid-friendly materials Sleepytime Very Special Effects Perform an animal act with your bare hands! Can’t Sleep? Imagine a place of serenity… Whip up a dose of Monster Spray… Let a dream catcher sweeten the night


Roberto gets along with girls—he is friends with Amy, and puts on a puppet show with Susie—and has a rich inner life. He can brag with the rest of the boys, but he’s kind and surprisingly sensitive.


Peter likes Amy, and says so to his mother. How does Amy feel? Well, after Peter knocks her down and makes her cry, she comes to his birthday party anyway with a special present—she’s trained her parrot, Pepe, to say happy birthday! Amy has the courage to be herself, a girl with whom boys can […]