Pat Cummings

Keats captures layers of childlike, but never childish, emotions in Peter’s deceptively simple story. That the art is as nuanced and narrative as the words is awe-inspiring. When I began illustrating picture books, an editor handed me one of Ezra’s books and suggested that I try to ‘do something like HE does…you know, with collage.’ […]

Letter Perfect

Parrots & Other Pets  Bird Up! Fun parrot facts for kids Art & Letters Teaching the ABCs to pre-Ks How to write a letter Rain or Shine Where does all that water go? Mail from A to Zip Even before the U.S. became a nation, we had a postal service, headed by Benjamin Franklin. After […]

Peter’s Mother & Father

Though never named, Peter’s parents are his gentle supporters. His mother is a confidante and source of comfort; his father is a role model and source of encouragement. Peter roams freely around the neighborhood, but Ezra gives Peter’s parents only one role: to provide warmth, protection and love at home.


Willie is a dachshund with a mind of his own. He is Peter’s loyal and protective friend, yet he’s frisky enough to chase other kid’s pets, even when it means ruining the plans of his beloved Peter.


Peter likes Amy, and says so to his mother. How does Amy feel? Well, after Peter knocks her down and makes her cry, she comes to his birthday party anyway with a special present—she’s trained her parrot, Pepe, to say happy birthday! Amy has the courage to be herself, a girl with whom boys can […]


The central figure in Ezra’s “neighborhood books,” Peter is unforgettable as a sweet little boy in a red snowsuit playing in the snow. He grows up to be a regular kid, coming to terms with a new baby sister and hanging out with his dog and his friends. While Peter is bright, imaginative and fun-loving, […]